It’s time for a book review!

This book is Speak No Evil and was written by Uzodinma Iweala and was very kindly sent to me by John Murray publishers to review,
thank you.

(Don’t worry this is a spoiler free zone! )

The story follows a high school student called Niru who lives in Washington and is destined to a successful life as he is going to Harvard thanks to his studying and hard working parents. His parents are Nigerian and have instilled a strong work ethic into Niru and believe that he should achieve academically to be happy in life. Everything is going well and right on plan until Niru’s secret comes out into the view of his parent’s watchful eyes…Niru is gay.
This revelation leads to his father taking him to Nigeria, falling out with a close friend, a path to self-discovery and self-hatred.

Let me start off my review by saying Uzodinma is a genius!
I loved the beautiful writing and skill that drips from every page of this brilliantly heartbreaking novel. The book touches on many important issues including religion, culture, race and police brutality.
The ending took the breath from my lungs and had me weeping! (I actually cried real tears!)
I couldn’t take the book out of my hands the whole time I was reading it and it became an essential I carried around in my bag where ever I went.

Stunning book and a must read for everyone!

You will never be the same after this book and Niru will live in your shattered heart forever but it is worth it!

If you read it please let me know as I want to talk to everyone about it, thanks for reading and I will chat to you soon!

Speak no evil cover on a beach
Speak no evil cover on a beach