Hello and welcome, come on in and make yourself at home!

This is my beautiful website designed by me and made by Dom (thanks boyfriend)!

On this website you will see me babble on about my love of books through reviews, random bookish chatter and snapshots into my world. If you already follow my YouTube channel then you know what to expect as this website will be an extension of that. If you haven't seen my YouTube then there is an icon at the top of the page that you can press and be transported into a world of weird! I will also be putting up some of my own writing to showcase here as well.

The glorious drawing of me at the top of the page was done by a beautiful subscriber of my YouTube who is an amazingly talented artist, check out her art on her Instagram page - oafroart

So to summarise and hopefully get you hooked on coming back to this glorious site!

Book reviews, Random chats, Original writing and a place in your day where you can come and have a chat with me.

So I hope to see you soon for a natter!

Hannah Tay