Sometimes we can all spend our days looking at the same things around us without ever changing the view. Normally my evenings are spent chatting away to my boyfriend in our living room about any old thing we can think of and we can chat for hours. I’m very lucky that I’ve found someone who loves to chat about different topics as much as I do and if you’ve seen my YouTube channel then you’ll know what a chatty catty I can be. Whilst we’re telling each other about our work day and chucking topics around one of us will ask the question in which the answer is always yes and that is “would you like a tea?” Then the asker will pop our cute whistle kettle on the stove, prepare the cups and pour the piping hot water to make our beverages. Mine being a Yorkshire tea with one sugar cube and milk, my boyfriend’s being a sachet of ginger tea with a Yorkshire tea bag and milk. We will both cradle our cups of comfort and sip away without breaking up that chatter which can range from true crime to Disney. I love this routine that we have and the rhythm it gives our evenings together after we’ve both been working. We enjoy this cosy comfort in the knowledge that we always go out and do something exciting at the weekend without fail.

So last week we slotted into our usual flow of easy chat as we always do and then the question came to me “would you like a tea?” Instead of answering automatically as I usually do I was distracted by something outside, it was a sparrow in the bush outside our front room window chirping. I then looked out the window and saw the sun shining it’s blinding light onto a car window, which looking directly at it hurt my eyes. The answer that escaped my lips wasn’t a yes to the question I had been asked but instead was the question back of “do you want to go outside?” My boyfriend said yes and then we rattled off the places we could go including the usual suggestions that all cost money such as a restaurant, cinema and pub. Neither of us felt satisfied in any of our choices and we wanted be outside, not just outside our flat but in the outdoors feeling the sun heating up our skin. We live in a flat so don’t have a private garden in which we could open the back doors and slip into. We decided to go for a walk and see where we landed so we grabbed two mugs, a flask and tea supplies and hopped out the front door before we had time to think of an excuse to stop us.

We wandered around our neighbourhood which was filled with people shouting in bars, walking along the street with their faces hypnotised by their phones and others rushing home from work. On our walk we of course chatted so much that we weren’t really looking where we were walking. Our landing spot was near Clifton Bridge and there were people swarming all around us with sunburn marks smothered all over their skin. On our way to the bridge was a green grocers with big strawberries outside on a small cart so I brought some to enjoy with our tea. When we got on to the bridge I looked over the edge down to the water below feeling sea sick as I did it. Our chatting continued as it always does and we ended up along the river down from the mass of people that had covered the bridge. There was an opening in the trees and a muddy path which had been freshly stepped in leaving trainer marks like tattoos in the mud. After a quick glance at each other we were off down a muddy trail in our work wear, sweating in the heat and feeling naughty that we’d gone off the main path. It was worth it though and what we found made us feel like Aladdin entering the Cave Of Wonders! There was a huge tree trunk that we could sit on and over the side of it was the water with no blanket of trees to block the view, just beauty engulfing our eyes. We stayed in that spot until darkness started to arrive just chatting and looking at how beautiful things can be if you change your view every once in a while.

Thank you Mr Sparrow for chirping at my window and in case you were wondering yes I did have that tea!

Hannah Tay

tea with a view strawberries