One of my favourite things to do is to read outside or in the wild as I like to call it as an introvert going to park and sitting down alone can be a daunting thing to start doing. But have no fear your fairy God mother is here to get you reading outside in three easy steps.

Step 1

Decide where you’re going to go and pick an environment that suits you for example if you can only read in quite spaces then find a quite part of the park. If you can read anywhere then maybe think about finding a bench in your local town centre.

Step 2

GO OUTSIDE! Go now before you think of a million reasons as to why you would rather spend your free time reading indoors then taking a chance of finding something wonderful. GO NOW!

Step 3

Don’t panic that someone will come up to you or that people are looking at you, just breathe and then look around you. Look at the people walking by or the leaves being blown around by the bossy wind. Relax into your surroundings and then read.

The enjoyment I get from reading outside is a natural high that puts my day on the right path and the one word that sums up that feeling for me is content. I’m content sitting on the soggy bench or hot bench depending on the season, I’m content hearing the sounds of living around me and I’m content with my head in a book whilst looking up and taking snapshots in my brain of the world around me. I have so many stories of overheard conversations in which I get to be a part of a stranger’s life for a few minutes whilst they chatter on unaware that the lady reading her book is also soaking in their lives. Maybe I like it because I’m nosy and love to read so those two things mixed together are heavenly to a wannabe Miss Marple like myself. My personal heaven on earth is sitting on a bench with a book in my hands absorbing the story I’ve chosen to read and then gazing away from the page to take in another story. That other story being the lady on the bench next to me telling her friend about her boyfriend’s weird sock fetish or the people walking by that I make up lives for. I love reading outside and life on earth can be heaven!

Let me know in the comments down below if you also like to experience your stories in the wild!

Here are some pictures from my outdoor reading adventures.

Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms

This is at my local park under a beautiful pink blossom tree, when I looked up to the sky I was under a ceiling of beautiful blossom.

Winter story

Oh the weather outside is frightful but reading in the snow is delightful! At the beginning of this year we had an unexpected flurry of snow and I grabbed my big faux fur coat, gloves and The Winter Story from Bramley Hedge, it was magical.

Cooking the French way

Living my French dream in the sun! I picked up this vintage French recipe book in a charity shop then headed to the nearest pub garden and read about mouth-watering dishes whilst sipping on red wine.

Speak no evil

I read this amazing book whilst sitting on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare listening to the waves and this book will forever have sand in it. No matter how many times I hold it upside down to get the sand out it will forever be a bit sandy and I love that memento.

Hannah Tay