By Agatha Christie

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with the queen of crime Agatha Christie whose brilliantly intelligent books overflow with charm and of course murder. We welcome either Hercule Poirot the moustache enthusiast detective or the little old lady with the sparkling eyes Miss Marple solve the crime. That’s just naming two of her characters but she wrote many other genius books that don’t include the above characters. Whenever I pick up one of her books I form a quick addiction which is reignited with the turn of every page which leads to a binge involving me reading three of her books in a row without coming up for air.

I would like to talk to you about A Caribbean Mystery which was published in 1964, beware if you read this book you will have no choice but to read three others of Agatha’s creations as her genius will bewitch you. So now onto the plot, Miss Marple the little old English lady who always has knitting needles attached to her and interrogates everyone but dresses it up as an old ladies chit chat. Uses her appearance to fool the fellow characters that she is a naïve, harmless “old pussy” who asks too many questions because of her nosy lonely life. They are all wrong as she is an intelligent murder mystery genius who uses the information she extracts from people along with her perfect character profiles she gets from her intuition to hunt out criminals. In this book we’re off to the Golden Palm resort on the Caribbean island of St Honoré for an all-inclusive holiday paid for by Marples nephew. When Marple arrives on the Paradise Island she meets a man called Major Palgrave who is a fellow guest at the resort and he begins to tell her a story about someone who once got away with murder. As he is about to show her a picture of the murderer he suddenly becomes startled as soon as he lays eyes on the other guests at the resort and never shows Marple the photo. Major Palgrave is then found dead and the suspects are her fellow resort guests, one of them is an old disabled man called Mr Jason Rafiel who forms a partnership with Marple to hunt out the killer from the guests all around them. Mr Jason Rafiel is an extremely rich and rude man who contrasts perfectly with Marples normal polite charm.

Brilliant book from the first page till the last and I could have gone on reading until all the guests were murdered one by one! I was engaged to the characters past lives, present circumstances and dialogue that Agatha pastes together to form a murderous plot leading to the murderer who is right under our noses. It’s an Agatha Christie book which means to me it is; perfectly witty, charming and never disappoints. I recommend everyone read this brilliant work and anything else from the Queen of crime that you can get your hands on!

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Hannah Tay

P.S. If you like the character of Mr Jason Rafiel who features in this book then I recommend you follow up this book with Nemesis as he is connected into that Marple plot as well.